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Awesome RUSSIA trip
Fabulous Palaces and Cathedrals
Until you've actually seen them, it is hard to imagine the grandeur of the outstanding Russian churches and cathedrals such as like the St. Basil's Cathedral or Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. To top it off enjoy the extraordinary glamour of the gilded palaces built for the Russian emperors. These historic buildings, created by the world's finest craftsmen with absolutely no expense spared can make you gasp with the sheer glamour and magnificence of the rooms where the Russian elite danced and dined in days gone by. Palaces likeCatherine's in Tsarkoe Selo and the Peterhof, with its sparkling fountains, can make even Versailles look second rate.
Land of Romance and Imagination
Romance and Russia are so deeply entwined in the imagination that it is hard to think of one without the other. This is the land of great love stories like Doctor Zhivago and Anna Karenina. It is the birthplace of the world's greatest romantic ballets, from Swan Lake to Sheherezade. Visit Russia and you will see the places that inspired these stories - and maybe see a ballet at the fabulous Bolshoi orMariinsky. Anyone with a touch of romance in their heart will love Russia.
Matchless Cultural and Artistic Treasures
If you have even the remotest interest in art, you will be blown away by Russia's unique artistic heritage. In St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum, you have what is possibly the world's greatest art collection, with room after room of masterpieces, from Raphael to Matisse. And that is just a fraction of the art Russia has to offer, with an almost inexhaustible array of galleries and museums in St. Petersburg and Moscow housing a gargantuan feast of fine art. But Russia's artistic attractions lie not just in the paintings hung in the galleries, but all around you, in the buildings, both large and small, which have seen the hands of artists at work over the century. And, too, there is the wealth of more homely, but equally enchanting work of artists and craftsmen which you can actually bring back to adorn your home, from wonderful paintings to exquisite lacquer work boxes.
Breathtaking Scenery
Russia is the world's largest country by far, with an area almost twice that of the USA, and it contains an extraordinary range of fabulous scenery and natural beauty, much of it as yet undiscovered by holidaymakers. Who can forget, once they have seen it, the extraordinary flowering of the steppes in spring? Or the sun dancing on the snowcapped peaks of the Caucasus? Or the sight of cranes swooping over a wild lake in Siberia hundreds of miles from the nearest village?
Magical Winter Experience
Those brave enough to wrap up warm and visit Russia in winter will find the Russia of the imagination as snow turns everything picturesque. Cities like St. Petersburg are turned into winter fairylands. You can take a sleigh ride across the snow. Or whisper your Christmas wishes to Father Frost at Veliky Ustyug.