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Awesome SPAIN trip
Beaches, culture and architecture are the three most defining features of Spain. Not to forget the glorious sunshine, gorgeous scenery and landscapes. People flock in their millions to this hospitable country that offers quite contrasting attractions and opportunities. So why should you visit Spain?
Spain has an array of intriguing attractions that excite tourists from around the world each year. Incredible buildings still stand from the 700 year-old legacy of the Moors that once ruled Spain. For example, Santa Barbara has a great castle and in Granada you will find the Alhambra Palace. Other attractions include the Teide National Park in Tenerife. This National Park homes the country’s highest mountain, as well as the third highest volcano in the world.
The Spanish area of Asturias is home to brown bears, and there are stunning wild horses in Andalucía. Therefore, a jeep tour in these areas is an unforgettable experience for the whole family to enjoy. This is a great attraction for tourists who are interested in enjoying the country in its primitive state.
Spain is home to some mind-blowing festivals, and some tourists visit the country purely for the festivals and nothing else. For example, the Benicassim festival attracts music fans from around the world each year. Spain is predominantly a Catholic country and various religious festivities are held throughout the year. These include singing and multi-cultural dancing, which holidaymakers can experience and participate in should they wish to do so.
One of the most recognised features of Spanish culture is its flamenco dancing and fiestas. The Flamenco dance is one of the most vibrant and unique dances in the world, and promise to entertain tourists. Performances are often held in popular restaurants, and tourists can even attempt the dance themselves.
Travellers making the most of their Spain holidays will be pleased to know Spanish transport is easily understood making it almost impossible for tourists to get lost when travelling or sightseeing. Travelling Spain in its entirety will involve boarding the efficient Euro rail, but for more local exploration there are always regular bus services to cities and towns.
Spain is home to a great selection of accommodation. There are plenty of villas to rent in Spain for travellers that like to be independent and not reliant on the facilities of a hotel resort.
Spain has a favourable climate and boasts around 300 days of sunshine each year. No matter what period holidaymakers choose to visit Spain, the weather is sure not to let anybody down.
Sun worshippers know only too well that Spain is the ideal location for sun bathing on glorious golden sand. The beautiful beaches have crystal clear water, perfect for a refreshing dip in the midday heat.
Spain treats its visitors to duty free shopping, where items such as wine, perfume, tobacco, tea and coffee can be purchased at discount prices. Nightlife
Spain is home to some extraordinary bars, clubs and casinos for party-animal individuals. However, for tourists that enjoy leisurely meals will happily divulge in to the range of delicacies available in Spain, including the local Tapas, Chinese, Indian and German foods. Visit James Villas, for more exciting ideas.