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Awesome THAILAND trip
1. Thailand is Affordable
The dollar goes a long way in Thailand. There are hundreds of hotels and guesthouses for under $20 a night. Thai food is likewise inexpensive and often thestreet food vendors, who typically sell dishes for the equivalent of $1 or less, offer the most delicious stuff. Want to splurge? Even better, as Thailand has some amazing hotels and resorts, all for significantly less than you would pay back home. 
2.Year Round Sunshine
Whether you visit in December or May, expect warm weather and mostly clear days. There are seasons in Thailand, they’re just a little different from the ones we’re used to – cool, hot and rainy.
3.  Beaches
Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. Warm, clear water, stunning vistas and marine life to gawk at as you swim, snorkel or scuba. Plus, there are so many different types of beaches in Thailand, from quiet and laid back to party all night, that everyone can find the perfect place.
4.  Thai Food
Few will argue that Thai food is delicious! But if you’ve only been exposed to it atThai restaurants back home, you’re in for a surprise. Here in Thailand the food is better, there is more variety, and it’s very inexpensive. You’ll easily find favorites such as pad thai and curry, but you’ll also find an amazing selection of salads, noodles and snacks. p.s., Thailand has the most delicious fried chicken in the world.
5.  Shopping
If you like markets, bargains or cool and quirky stuff, you’ll find shopping in Thailand very rewarding. Big city markets carry everything from shoes to art, and the malls in Bangkok are some of the fanciest in the world.
6.  Ease of Travel
Once you’re in the country, it’s easy and cheap to get around, thanks mostly toThai Air Asia’s budget fares and good timetables. If you book ahead and aren’t traveling during the peak season, it’s quite common to get a round-trip ticket from Bangkok to Phuket for $100.
7.  Amazing Cities
The booming, bustling capital and the quieter, charming center of Northern Thailand both offer culture, history, architecture, great food and lots of diversions.
8.  The People
They don’t call it the “Land of Smiles” for nothing. While there are occasional tourist scams and once in a while you’ll encounter someone who isn’t smiling, by and large the people of Thailand are friendly, open and kind.
9.  Thailand's Buddhist Heritage Buddhism is the country’s predominant religion and it influences everything from the architecture to the way people interact with each other. Any of the country’s major cities have breathtaking Buddhist temples to visit, Chiang Mai and Bangkok especially.
10.  Nightlife
Whether you are on the beach or in one of Thailand’s cities, you won’t be far from the bars and nightclubs that have made the country famous. Don’t worry, it’s not all go-go bars and scantily clad women! There are plenty of discos, nightclubs and regular bars, too.